Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Tour poster and stuff......

So I haven't updated this thing for a while, but here's the latest.....

We are definately playing the Brighton Cheap Girls date on May 11th. It was a little up in the air about whether we could do it or not, I can't quite remember why but whatever.... we are definately doing it so come along! I was pretty drunk when I found out, so drunk in fact that I tried to call up the promoter and tell him the good news, only to later discover that it was in fact the WRONG promoter I called and he had nothing to do with the show.

That is precisely why I didn't drink for 4 and a half years, cos I'm a fucking liability. After this booze induced slip up, and a total blowout weekend where I was definately drunk or seriously hungover at all times for 36 or so hours, I am through with the booze again. Hangovers are bullshit. I honestly thought that I was dying from some terrible disease.

Here is the tour poster.

My experiences of Vicodin are minimal to say the least, but I did some reading up in Wikipedia and it sounds like a right laugh yeah?