Sunday, 10 January 2010

We're still not dead

I guess I'll start by wishing a happy new year to the two people who might read this- it has been a VERY long time since I last updated this, I have written nothing since last July to be precise, and right now the season known as summer seems little more than an imaginary world I'm not sure exists where I don't need to wear two pairs of socks and have a constant inability to feel my fingers.

So.... we are still a band, even though 2009 was the year where we probably played the least amount of shows in our whole sorry existence, narrowly edging out 2008 to the title- however I guess last year could be considered something of an annus horribilis, relationship breakdowns, moving house several times and employment worries seemed to shape a fair amount of the year, so we didn't really book any shows and it seemed like the few that we agreed to play were sabotaged by mechanical woes, logistical problems or getting kicked off the bill by A Whilhelm Scream's manager cos they need a 7 hour sound-check to practice pinch harmonics and synchronise their dance moves or some shit- but we had a blast playing the shows that we did, in particularly the Cheap Girls tour back in May, so thanks for anyone that came for those.

At the tail end of 2009 we all spent a weekend in Cambridge and laid down some new jams in our friend Ned's shed, the results of which were purely for ourselves so as to not forget how the songs go, seeing that we practice so infrequently- but we have a couple of totally new songs that are pretty dang banging which we are looking forward to playing live in the near future, and if we get our act together maybe we will do a split record at some point.

I think we have a few things in the pipeline for 'twenty-ten', I am not sure on the specifics but I believe we are doing a couple of shows with Dear Landlord when they come over in May, and we will probably go on tour at some point for a week or whatever time work can allow- keep em peeled! As always, if you would like us to come and play drop me an e-mail and we will try to work something out.

Here's a picture of some ghetto dogs to warm your cockles on a cold winters night