Thursday, 30 April 2009

Punk N Bowl 2!

This is going to be off the chart! Can't wait!!

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Shook Ones is tomorrow!

Just a gentle reminder that we're playing the Shook Ones show at Unit 22, Southampton tomorrow- this is going to be our first gig in quite some time, so we are going to ACTUALLY PRACTISE and try and remember how to play some songs. You should all come along, it will be fun. There's some other bands playing too, I can't remember who but I'm sure they are awesome.

Last time I saw Shook Ones it was at Ryan's (Dirty Money) flat in Gainesville during Fest 6- it was one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen, the floor was caving in so everyone had to sit on the floor, the police came, total chaos.


Friday, 10 April 2009

If you make it

I am on my friends laptop doing some more updating, cos I am hungover to shit. My second phase of giving up drinking can be measured in hours and days rather than months and years.

I only intended on going out for a little while last night, but when you have a couple of beers you get an almighty thirst and before you know it you have drank six pints and it's closing time. We should probably have admitted defeat by this time but you don't want to stop there, you want more. My friend Matt and I rode our bikes to another pub, we were already wasted and he fell off pretty bad, I somehow managed to keep it together, don't ask me how because I could barely walk. We drink some more, we meet up with our friend Christian and just talk shit about music and life and stuff. I'm not entirely certain but I'm sure we agreed that we will 'definately start a band' for about the thousandth time. It is pretty late, we are definately fucked.....

Roll forward a few hours, it is the morning, I should be moving house but instead I am watching some videos on I challenge anyone to watch some of the pink couch sessions, or some of the live shows and then tell me that you don't feel inspired. The above account of last nights drinking is probably the basis that alot of the bands on the site formed, I think it is how Chillerton came together all those years ago. Watching the videos you can see that the bands are all friends, that they are doing what they love and that they couldn't care less for the ridiculous things alot of bands aspire to.

Aside from the actual bands, the fact that this whole thing exists totally blows my mind. I believe that it is the guy from Halo Fauna (and a bunch of other bands) and some of his friends who have given up their time and money to create such an incredible website where people can not only watch some amazing videos, but download a whole bunch of music for free. It is an awesome representation and documentation of what punk rock means in 2009. Please check it out. Thanks.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

And also.....

Sorry, I'm terrible at this blogging lark- right now I don't have my own computer or a house or any of my possessions or anything so I've had other things to worry about. Then I get a chance to do some guerilla updating on my friends laptop and forget what it is I wanted to write, so there's always a couple of posts than occur straight after each other, I could edit the original one, but it seems too much like hard work

Our next gig is in Southampton with Shook Ones on April 26th at Unit 22.

Following that we are playing the 2nd Punk N Bowl at Bloomsbury Lanes bowling alley, London. I don't think there's a flyer kicking around yet as there are some more bands due to be added but the line-up so far is fucking incredible! Virgins (USA ex-NMDS)/Milloy/Don Ramos Players/The Cut-Ups/Break The Habit/loads more.

Tour Poster!

Here it is- for some reason it wouldn't upload it last time, so it was just showing as a link. I don't know who designed it but I like it, it makes me think of SpiceWorld the movie. I wish we could drive around in a big red double decker bus with Richard E Grant.

And this is the poster for the Manchester show- going to be slamming!

This one is for Leeds- we haven't played in Leeds for ages. We are described as 'legendary' on the poster. Nice.

I'll stick up some more posters for the shows when I stumble across them on the internet. Yeah.