Friday, 10 July 2009

Fest Fest Fest!!!!!!

A couple of days ago I was talking about Fest, I was probably trying to convince a friend to come along or something, the conversation went along these lines...

'Well it's like pretty much the best weekend ever- did you ever go to Out of Spite? Yeah? Well remember how fucking awesome Out of Spite used to be, multiply that one hundred times and that's what Fest is like'
'Really? Are you guys playing it this year?'
'I'm not sure, we've not been asked yet, I know they're cutting down on bands a little this year and there's a ton of UK bands doing it so perhaps we won't get asked- but I'm going regardless so it doesn't matter too much....'
'Sweet, maybe I'll look into coming'
'Trust me, it will be worth it- it's impossible to have a bad time'

Roll on a couple of hours and I'm checking my e-mails and lo and behold I have one from Mr. Tony Weinbender- asking us to come and play. Funny how things work out sometimes.....

So we will be there, it's too early to know which day or venue we'll be at but I know it will be awesome, Tony, Cam and the dudes at No Idea work so fucking hard sorting it out every year, make sure you buy them a drink if you see them around!

Hopefully we will manage to play a few extra shows either pre- or post-, it's something I'll start looking into soon but if anyone reading happens to be able to help us out drop me a line.

Check out for info and tickets and stuff.