Monday, 29 June 2009


As the Liar's Academy once sang- 'no news is good news'- particularly on the Chillerton front, we are trying to finalise a date to record 3 or 4 new jams in the next couple of weeks for Kiss of Death Records. We should probably practise and we should definitely play some more shows. As always drop me a line please, we would love to come to your town and get drunk with you. I think the next show is in Swansea on July 26th. This may well be a complete lie, but I'll be sure to post a flyer or something when I know what the deal is.

We have some t-shirts left from tour that I would like to sell. I will post a picture of them in the next couple of days, but they are £6 posted in the UK and pretty fucking sexy. As always we have CDs to shift- check out and you can order them direct through that, I promise I will send them much quicker than the last few we sold, which took a good couple of months. In my defence, this occured during a massive personal upheaval on my part, moving house and dealing with a lot of shit.

I went to Berlin last weekend- it was awesome, literally the most incredible city I have ever visited. I ate alot of pizza, didn't really sleep for 4 days and drank enough booze to kill a lesser man. I was hoping to hang out with Roland and Jan (Yo-Yo Records) but we didn't manage to cross paths- I did however get the see Off With Their Heads in Hamburg, and they played a slamming set to pretty much no-one, there was no support bands and we went to the wrong venue at first so only just got there in time, but they totally killed it.

Sometimes I kind of hate living in Cambridge- recently I have missed the whole Lemuria tour, and also the Mike Hale/Josh Small/Austin Lucas tour cos the nearest they got was London and I just couldn't afford to take the train down... Oh well, I'm sure I'll see them at FEST! Other times it is fucking ace, such as when my friends Christian and DS do shows at the Portland. The next thing coming up is Independent's Day on July 4th (get it?!)

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