Saturday, 13 June 2009

Shows that just happened, records that are happening soon

Not alot to report at the moment- we played 4 shows last week, but I completely forgot to advertise the details up here. I drove about 900 miles, slept in motorway lay-bys and went to work a long way away every day. It was alot of fun, particularly the Isle of Wight show- it seems that they have a good thing going at the Black Sheep Bar and I hope to see fun shows continue there. New Bruises have been touring the UK and Europe so it was cool to play a couple of shows and hang with them for a few days and show them around Cambridge, Americans love old stuff and there's plenty of that here.

We have been speaking for years to Bryon from New Bruises who also runs Kiss of Death Records about doing something for the label, and now we finally have the ball rolling- we're doing a 7 inch that it all recorded and will be going to press in the next couple of months when artwork and all that is sorted, and we are also recording in the next couple of weeks for a top secret split record that's to come out at Fest 8. I won't elaborate too much, partially cos I can't remember all the details but it's going to be pretty special. Records are like buses, we do nothing for ages, then 2 sweet things come along at once.

Be sure to check out -There's so many good releases on the label and we're pretty damn pleased to now be a part of it. Bryon is also going to be doing a super limited US version of our Bleak Unison LP, he has about 50 copies that are going to be printed with alternative artwork- I'll post up here when it becomes available as I think it might be one of the few things we've done that will shift pretty quickly!

As of today we have NO SHOWS booked until August, we would like to rectify this please so drop us a line if you would like us to play. Word.

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