Sunday, 24 May 2009

Debt collectors and bicycle thieves

Taken from 'If you make it'........

'So lately life has been pretty harsh on my wallet. It finally hit the bottom as I walked around Williamsburg tonight with my bike lock and singular wheel in hand. There's something about having a perfectly intact lock that makes you feel like a complete idiot, how you made it so simple for someone to steal your bike.

Currently I am in deep debt, and it may mean a long break from maintaining this site, while I work on raising some money. Work has been really slow lately, and I have a handful of bills, credit card payments, friend debts (ie; recording, bounced rent check help), IRS notices and June rent looming over my head.

I really wish that this site could be my whole existence, but as it is right now, I need to take a leave of absence and concentrate on replenishing my bank accounts.If anyone was thinking of donating, now would be the time.

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far. If is wasn't for you, I would be much worse off.'

Anyone who is familiar with this site should appreciate how much hard work goes into it, and anyone who has downloaded any of the free albums or wasted a day by watching EVERY pink couch session when they are hungover (or is that just me?) help these guys out- head over to and donate a few dollars

On another note, our brothers in Cheap Girls released their album for FREE through another awesome donations based website you can pick up albums by some slamming other bands too- personally I highly recommend 'Neon Creeps', the new O Pioneers! record. Again wire a few dollars across to these guys if you download anything, I'm sure they will love you forever.

Finally...... When Cheap Girls flew back to the US they didn't want to carry any of their merch back with them so left the remainder with us to sell. We have approximately 10 copies of Find Me A Drink Home LP, and a few copies of their new split 7 inch with Failures Union. Both of these records are awesome, and so if you came out to any of the shows and forgot to pick one up get in contact and we will sort you out.

Find Me A Drink Home LP- £8 (inc. postage/paypal) or £7 if I can get it to you in person

Cheap Girls/Failures Union split 7 inch- £4 (inc. postage/paypal) or £3 in person

As far as I know we are the only people in the UK to have these available at the moment, so it's cheaper than ordering one from the US. Thanks.

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