Thursday, 7 May 2009

New shirts and other fun stuff!!!

These were delivered to Jack today, and they're looking pretty sexy. They come in blue or white with orange print and are available in emo/punk/hip hop sizes (that's small/medium/large to you) Unfortunately if you are grindcore (youth large) grime (XL)or any other music genre-sized you are shit out of luck and have terrible taste. They are going to cost you £6, which is a bargain if I may say so myself.

Here are the running times for Punk N Bowl- so you can strategically schedule your bowling games

2:00 - 2:25pm L Morgan
2:35 - 3:00pm More Than a Joke
3:15 - 3:40pm Break the Habit
3:55 - 4:25pm The Dead City Stereo
4:40 - 5:10pm The 255's
5:25 - 5:50pm Crocus
6:05 - 6.35pm Cutting Class
6:50 - 7:20pm The Computers
7:35 - 8:05pm The Cut Ups
8:20 - 8:50pm Chillerton
9:05 - 9.35 The Don Ramos Players
9.50 - 10:20 Milloy
10:35 - 11:05 Virgins

Unfortunately all bowling lanes are closed between 8.20 and 8.50pm, which by some strange coincidence is the time we are playing. Mad props to Greg for putting all the bands whose name begins with a C back to back, the obsessive compulsive in me loves that shit.


So we are not very famous, we don't play big venues or anything like that, but part of me thinks we should definitely have some entrance music for when we are on tour. Not enough bands do it these days- I think the concept has been stolen by WWF wrestlers and Darts players. Let's bring it back and get the party started?

Either of my two favourite songs right now would be perfect.

Asher Roth- I Love College

Or Quiet Riot- Metal Health (Bang Your Head)

Answers on a postcard please. Thanks.

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