Sunday, 10 May 2009

It's on!!

I am tour-bound in about an hour. It is 5.15am, I have been up since about 8am yesterday morning, and have yet to sleep a wink. A horrific evening shift at work was massively improved by listening to Dillinger Four and drinking a Corona in the kitchen while washing a mountain of dishes. I am now firmly of the opinion that beer and punk rock can pretty much cure anything.

Right now I think my eyeballs are drying up.

My car is loaded up with my drums and a sleeping bag, I need to be 150 miles away by 9am. We are having a practise from 9am until midday then driving straight to London for Punk N Bowl, EVERYONE SHOULD DEFINITELY COME because there are some awesome bands playing, and if you are broke you have no excuse because it's free entry suckers!

Over the next week and a bit we are probably playing really close to wherever you live so come along, stamp your feet to Cheap Girls and throw beer all over Bailey. He loves it when people do that.

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