Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Back on Track

I have been really busy of late and have neglected writing stuff up here. I have been helping out at the first Cambridge Poster Roast for the last week or so, I should probably advertised it up here before it actually happened. Here is a poster for it, so take a look and see what you missed!

There were so many great artists featured, I think there is a list of who exhibited over at so check their work out and if you like their stuff drop them a line, and then ask them to design a poster or t-shirt for your band, because they are probably all broke.

There was a show on the Sunday night with some slamming bands, it was awesome and I had a blast. The preparations and the lead up were pretty stressful- I hired the cheapest PA I could find, which looked like it could just break at any moment, but it did OK and thanks to Andy TTG being damn knowledgeable on all aspects of PA and stuff he managed to make all the bands sound pretty damn good. Massive thanks to Pennines and Tellison for being awesome and bringing a whole bunch of extra equipment and monitors at the last minute. My biggest worry was that the place is glass fronted and has absolutely no sound proofing, I had this irrational fear that the police were going to come and shut it all down within minutes of the bands starting, but as far as I know we received zero complaints, so keep your eyes peeled for alot more gigs and stuff happening there.

Chillerton were featured in the exhibition, after a whole load of hunting about I tracked down a picture that just about makes this post relevent to the band. If you like the poster (which also features Crazy Arm, Above Them and Sam Russo) Alex Curtis has a few left, they are A2 sized and cost £10 posted in a nice sturdy tube.

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