Thursday, 5 February 2009


These first few posts are more an experiment than anything else. So far this is what I have acheived....

1. Actually starting this blog. Chillerton used to (in fact we may still) have a website, we rarely updated it, and very rarely visited it.... I'd like to draw a comparison between our website and the paper part of your driving licence, you know that it exists SOMEWHERE but you never really have any need or desire to look at it.

We have a myspace, but who the hell uses myspace these days? I sometimes use it to listen to bands, but once I have listened to 4 or so songs I have no desire to fire off a friend request, or read incessant bulletins asking people to 'vote for us to play Warped Tour'. I don't care how many friends we do or don't have. I personally just don't have the time to waste on it I'm afraid. (If anyone has tried to get in contact with us via myspace and we have not got back to you, sorry. We are not ignoring you, we're just busy.)

We tried to get down with the kids and have a facebook 'band page' where people could become fans, this turned out to be the most useless thing ever. You can't even listen to music! I think Bailey set our profile image as a picture of a penis. This may or may not be true.

SO YEAH we have a blog. Whether this is better or worse than any other media outlet only time will tell. Maybe I'll start a twitter berating the world of blogs in a few months when I get sick of typing stuff up here. For me personally I spend alot of time reading blogs. I'll post some links of ones I like when I can work out how to do so.

I think that I might write about other cool stuff, not just Chillerton related, but bands that we are friends with, cool people that we know. I don't know what Jack and Bailey will think of this. It may well be just a fucking ridiculous vanity project for myself.

2. I learnt how to change the colours and text at the top. I'm not sure whether or not I like the colour scheme. I am going to get my girlfriend to show me how to do this shit properly.

3. I am so happy that I have nearly finished building my new bike. The last pieces in the jigsaw should come together tomorrow. Then I can ride through all the snow and slush until my socks get wet and I get trenchfoot.

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