Monday, 9 February 2009

Cheap Girls

So we are going on tour in May with a band called Cheap Girls who are from Michigan. I fully suggest that you check them out at To be honest I completely made that URL up so don't blame me if it's some weird sex trade site, ask google or something- I know the internet makes people pretty lazy but tracking down a slamming band should be pretty straightforward....

This is what they look like, they look like they know to have a good time so I'm not too worried about spending 12 or so days in a van together. I'm really gutted that I missed them play The Fest a few months ago, I tried but the queue was too long so I went and drank coffee by myself at a place called Volta. Jack and Bailey both saw them play, Bailey loved it so much he was sick afterwards.......

Our friend Tim from You Me and the Atom Bomb has booked this thing so he will be coming along and keeping us in line, he might play guitar for us on a couple of songs.

You can download their album from (again I totally made this url up, but google is your friend), or I'm sure some cool distros have it in stock. I have it and I really like it, it's really nice mid-paced driving indie-rock that people liken to Buffalo Tom and the Replacements. I have never knowingly heard Buffalo Tom, and The Replacements comparision is, although not wildly inaccurate, kinda lazy. Everyone gets compared to the Replacements these days. I think they sound like Piebald covering REM. Whoever they do or do not sound like doesn't matter- let's just judge them on their own merits without comparing them to anyone!

I think the tour runs from 11th May to the 22nd. I will post the full dates up here when I know them. We are hitting lots of towns that Chillerton haven't been to for ages, so come along and say hi. We would all like that very much.

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  1. Cool, I should check them out :)