Monday, 9 February 2009

Band you should know

I found this while googling Chillerton. It's from Sound as Language...

'Got a hold of the fantastic Bleak Unison LP (via Document Recordings) from UK’s Chillerton recently and this band definitely deserves to be heard. Fans of gruff pop punk, Leatherface and No Idea Records should eat this up. Chillerton are able to distinguish themselves by adding a bit more melody to their rough and tumble sound. Chillerton are on the higher scale when it comes to this genre and this is only the band’s debut. Bleak Unison is only the sound of Chillerton getting their feet wet. What lies ahead for the band is certainly exciting.'

Oh yeah and before you think I am a dick for googling my own band name, I was trying to work out whether this blog shows up if you search for Chillerton. It doesn't. Well not in the first couple of pages anyway. I genuinely have absolutely no idea if anyone reads/has read a single thing I have posted on here. I'm too thick to work out if I somehow can see the number of visits this has had.....

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